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03 June 2005 @ 06:55 pm
dorney+no sunblock=pain  
HeY My PeOpLeS!!!!
we went to dorney yesterday and me, cassidy, and heather went on this ride that u go up and than slash into water in was like 120 ft high and went on this tudes with 6 sits and u go around and water falls hit u and we went on it 3 times, lol!!!!! so than we went to the water park and went to these tube things we sat in and floated around than we went on these slides that go to a pool than me favorite was water works and to cassidy and sam u know why!!!!! we got wet by a BIG, BIG bucket full of water!!!! it was great!!!!! than i got such bad sunburn and that is why i am not in school i can hardly talk!!!!! so anyways that is like it so ttyl!!!!

HeRe To Be BuRnEd To DeAtH AnD TiReD,
Current Mood: boredsore, and burned so bad!!!
Current Music: cha-cha slide