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07 June 2005 @ 05:55 pm
cassidy and sam=what a pain  
HeY mY PeOpLeS!!!!!!!!!!! =)
today was so much fun b/c me, heather, and kayci were like playing games and stuff and were laughing so much!!!!! me, sam, and cassidy r in a fight but i am not going to talk about that b/c they r stupid, fags, and hoes!!!!!
so anyways mat m. is suspended for the whole year b/c he punched a kid out!!!!! nothing new he always does!!!!! that like it!!!!! i am on the phone with kayci and hailey right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

HeRe To SpEaK ThE TrUtH,
LoVe Ya,<-- deanna, kayci, heather, joanna, becka, tara, and bianca!!! HaTe Ya--> sam and cassidy!!!!!
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NicKymonkeyfan55 on June 8th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
wow well i cought my mistake i didn't say Ashley i made a mistake please forgive me... And you say i need to catch my mistake well guess what..I DID... now just drop it and stop talking to me !! .... Leave it alone already all you look for is drama !! And by the way you said that you were friends with Jessica well she said she isn't your friend...

now goodbye ! !

Have fun hanging out with geeks that nobody likes !!