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07 June 2005 @ 05:55 pm
cassidy and sam=what a pain  
HeY mY PeOpLeS!!!!!!!!!!! =)
today was so much fun b/c me, heather, and kayci were like playing games and stuff and were laughing so much!!!!! me, sam, and cassidy r in a fight but i am not going to talk about that b/c they r stupid, fags, and hoes!!!!!
so anyways mat m. is suspended for the whole year b/c he punched a kid out!!!!! nothing new he always does!!!!! that like it!!!!! i am on the phone with kayci and hailey right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

HeRe To SpEaK ThE TrUtH,
LoVe Ya,<-- deanna, kayci, heather, joanna, becka, tara, and bianca!!! HaTe Ya--> sam and cassidy!!!!!
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Just megitzygreen101 on June 7th, 2005 11:47 pm (UTC)
sam i am not going to even bother with u, b/c i am tired of it and that is all i have to say, and the hate ya thing its true why should i have to hide it, and another thing i can write back its my lj!!!! ur getting on my last nerve too, but u guys r the ones who went away from me when u were hot sit, so don't even say its my fault ur the ones who left me!!!!!!!! so have fun figering urselfs!!!